Frustrating Night

Last night was rough for me. Let’s face it, I am a creature of habit at times and when life throws a wrench in my plans, I can certainly adapt…but it just isn’t easy. We stopped on the way home to pick up a toilet supply hose to fix the toilet from that one time when my lovely puppy decided to obliterate the old one and flood my home. After getting the hose, we head to Fry’s to get supplies for tonight’s movie night with buddies. Chicken tacos!

We finally get home and Josh and I try to take off and replace the old hose (we turned off the water to the bathroom when the initial event happened. We are trying forever to get this hose off and finally give up. What happened next was pure stupidity on my part.

I look up the type of connection it is on YouTube and realize you have to pull off the whole device. I start to unscrew it and get a quick shot of water sprayed all over the bathroom and in my face. Since the hose we have is not going to fit, it was useless. Turns out the water was not off after all. I try to screw it back in the best that I can and shuttle house water off.

Back to Home Depot. Inform the salesmen of what happened. We switch out the hose for a hose and connector piece. I drive home, pull off the attachment and realize that the tube carrying the water is plastic and not threaded. I now have water pouring into my bathroom so I stop it with my finger and yell for Josh to come help. He shuts off a secondary water line and we slowly let the water dry out.

Back to Home Depot. New adapter and cable. Replaces beautifully this time. We turn on the water. After a few seconds of nervous anticipation, it worked!

By this time it was already 8pm. I had not done Insanity for the day or eaten dinner yet. Popped in the video, got it done. Had dinner at nine and played an hour of video games to unwind. Sleep rinse and repeat.

I hope he’s happy.


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One thought on “Frustrating Night

  1. This is very true and though improvements can be very frustrating, they can also in the end be very rewarding.

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