1/2 Marathon Complete

It’s over. It’s all over.

No times yet. They will post them later tonight and I’ll make a new post about it.

The morning started out well enough. I ate breakfast, got dressed, and headed out the door. I thought I would be smart and park in my work garage (right near the start line). NOPE!

I got turned around 2-3 times trying to figure out where to park, finally ended up on the other side of campus. Figured it would make for a nice warm up walk and it was a cold one this morning. Turns out other runners had the same idea as me and we had a small group walking over together.

We eventually found the place and there were already a decent number of people there. This picture doesn’t do it justice as I was tucked away in my holding bin (15).


Slowly but surely, more and more people showed up. I’ve never liked huge groups, but I didn’t mind. I knew that in a bit, we’d all be on a nice journey together.

One by one, they started the waves of runners and I waited for my turn to go. I was a little thirsty, but I figured that I would get some at one of the water areas. As our group went to the start line, it suddenly became a bit emotional for me. Only for a short while, but it felt good to have made it this far.

I had figured the start would be really messy with the number of people. Fortunately, I never became frustrated due to the packs of people. I just turned on my music and ran…and ran…and ran. Partaking in refreshments at the water spots was mandatory for me. I only had to stop once for a few seconds to grab a cup from a volunteer.

As the miles flew by, I looked for ways to entertain myself. Sometimes I would find someone with a similar pace and keep up with them for a bit. Other times, I would look for funny signs. My favorite was “Worst Parade Ever.” I actually cracked a smile at that one and the lady holding the sign noticed and smiled back. The small moments made this worth it. One other noteworthy sign acknowledged the support for complete strangers. One of the other runners stopped to give her a hug and take a picture. Nice.

Along the way, there would be packs of cheering sections. Some were themed (Wizard of Oz…Grease). Whenever these packs were cheering loud enough, I could hear it over my music, it had an impact on me. It made my legs tingle a bit as if they were re-energized. Loved it.

Finally the miles came to an end near where we began. In another lane, I could see people finishing the marathon. Wow! Those are some fast people! When the finish line was within reach, I made a bit of a dash for it. 1/2 marathon: Complete.

On the way out, I got my medal.


Then people were handing out so much food and drinks. I helped myself to get back some of what I had lost. I had a small banana smoothie, a water, a Gatorade, a chocolate milk nutrition drink, and some honey oat crisp things. After finding my way out, I realized that my car was on the other side of campus.

That walk was painful. But, I finally made it and now I’m back at home.

Do I want to do this again…at this moment, not so much. However, I’m trying to avoid jumping to conclusions. I’m hurting now and I think I have this thing with my neck/shoulder. Whenever I run for a long period of time, it feels like someone is sticking a needle in my my shoulder. To early to say if I want to go for the marathon. I don’t want to give up running and I won’t. I just don’t know if a marathon is for me. Again, I’m giving it some time.

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3 thoughts on “1/2 Marathon Complete

  1. Well done!

  2. Congratulations!!

  3. Great Job! 🙂

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