Here we go!

Tomorrow’s the big day!

This morning, I got up and immediately got ready for the expo.

First step, sign your release form. The form had a place to sign for athlete. Is that really me?


The Downtown Phoenix area is still a bit intimidating to me and I think I’ll always be a coastal/suburbs type of guy. I arrived at the convention center and immediately saw a lot of beautiful people. Everyone seemed so fit. Like I had anticipated, I felt like a bit of an imposter.


There was the countdown clock..slowly ticking down to the beginning of the race. I’m surprised that this is really such a huge event. The happy and care free attitudes of the 5ks that I’ve ran in the past has been replaced by a more serious, but still positive tone. Part of me had to stop in my tracks and just reconsider the path I’ve taken up till now. Do I really want to stop after the full marathon?

I’m not a fan of sales people. So, the expo didn’t have much for me. I did by some chaffing material to prevent bloody nipples, but beyond that, I got my gear and walked around a bit. Apparently, these GU things are pretty popular. I tried a sample and I just don’t get it. Maybe I need to be a bit exhausted for it to work and make a difference?

It’s recovery week for Insanity. The workout for this week is the same every day and is fairly low key. I’ll play ball, I suppose.

I was looking up some running tips for lo distance and stumbled on this Run-Walk method. Apparently giving yourself small walk breaks in a ratio rotation helps from getting fatigued and can even improve your time. I may try this out for the marathon, but I won’t be using it for tomorrow. I’ll be straight running it. Has anyone had experience with that run-walk method?

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