Thin Privilege

I came across this Tumblr for Thin Privilege this morning and had my mind blown away.

Thisisthinprivilege @ Tumblr.

I really don’t know what to say about this. While I do think privilege exists and needs to be monitored, is it applicable in this situation? Some of the examples they use are just absurd. Like having the doctor treat your actual condition you come in for versus constantly telling you that you would feel better if you just lost the weight.

When your weight is strongly linked to a lot of what you are going to see the doctor for, then I think the doctor would be doing his or her job to point that out. A lot of the times, what people may see a doctor for is a symptom of the persons overall health. Weight isn’t all there is for health, but being severely overweight can play a huge role in that.

There continues to be this idea that these individuals are not choosing to be obese and fat. I want to research this a bit more, but my gut feeling is that while genetics and help/hurt you in this sense, it doesn’t cause obesity. Our choices do. Putting in the time for exercise and eating properly can see changes in our weight.

When I typically see an obese person talking about how they did not choose to be this way, I very very rarely hear them talk about how they are getting an hour or more of good exercise a day (going for a walk is a start, but it isn’t enough). Their eating habits are often horrid. Hard to say that you didn’t choose this when you are eating your second double cheeseburger for lunch.

I’ve been there. When I write this, I am describing myself. My choices led me to a very bad place in my life, but it wasn’t to late for me. Change your choices, Change your life .

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4 thoughts on “Thin Privilege

  1. Thanks for sharing the link. It’s hard to know what to say about the site other than it is definitely written by some angry people.

  2. i love the comment that if you have to ask for an item of clothing in a larger size in a clothing shop, this is thin privilege…..i have size 10 feet and have had to ask for shoes in my size in shoe shops, are my large feet being discriminated against too? small feet privilege maybe?

  3. To their defense….yes it is small feet privilege. Even something small like that is a form of privilege. Take left handed desks in schools. You often don’t see them. Right handed students have the comfort of resting their arm when they write while left handed students must go without. Some people may say it may not be a big deal, but it does exist and it is real.

    What is troubling me is that these individuals seem to want to make it OK to be fat because they can’t help it. They do cite studies in which they show that while weight can be lost, most do gain it back. This is true, but it does not mean that you cannot help yourself. People gain the weight back because they revert back to old patterns. They start eating “bad” again and stop exercising.

    I went to one of their links and while they were very pro-fat, they also were constantly posting about all of the TV shows they were watching. A sedentary life leads to heavier people if you eat a lot.

  4. There are some conditions (PCOS, Thyroid, etc.) and medications that make it easier to gain and harder to lose – but not impossible!

    I have PCOS and I can gain 2 lbs by eating within my allotted WW points of all healthy food plus 1 cookie. I don’t offer that as an excuse for my weight – obviously the answer is not to eat the cookie! – but as an example of how calories in/calories out is not always 100% exactly perfect for everyone (because if a pound is 3500 calories, that cookie would have to have 7000 calories to make me gain 2 lbs).

    It’s not fair that I can’t have a cookie once in awhile. But the unfairness doesn’t make it not true. So. There are choices to be made – I just wanted to make the point that some people have to make perfect choices all the time in order to lose, while others have a little more wiggle room. But yes, watching TV and eating junk food or large portions of healthy food is not the same thing.

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