Holy Cow!

Wow, just wow.

Today was day one of Insanity’s Month 2. It started out with the fit test. I was a bit worried about improvement because this past week had the half marathon and was a “recovery” week. It was not meant to push myself. On top of that, my diet has not been up to par. I make decent enough choices when going out(for the most part), but it wasn’t exactly fitting in with the diet plan.

Results of third fit test. The second and first fit test results are also included)

1) Switch Kicks – 72 (up from 64 and 50)
2) Power Jacks – 51 (down from 52. Still up from 46)
3) Power Knees – 110 (up from 84 and 70)
4) Power Jumps – 38 (up from 33 and 27)
5) Globe Jumps – 12 (up from 10 and 6)
6) Suicide Jumps – 19 (up from 18 and 14)
7) Push Up Jacks – 32 (up from 30 and 24)
8) Low Plank Oblique – 64 (up from 55 and 40)

Overall improvement, but not as big of jumps from the first set. Understandable and it is what it is.

The big thing today was the new tape: Max Interval Circuit. From the moment I pushed play, I saw the timer hitting in the 59 minute mark. Oh dear.

This. Was. Hard! More so than any workout before. I almost had to stop the tape because I was struggling with this one. However, I still made it through and I noticed that I was absolutely drenched in sweat. The exercises were absolutely nuts and several had me in a horizontal position. I hate not being able to stand upright, but my anger just fueled me through the hard parts. This was the end result.


This could be exactly what I needed for the next month. Let’s do this!

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2 thoughts on “Holy Cow!

  1. Nice job! I remember how tough month 2 is!! But you will see awesome results!! This week will be my last week of month one! 🙂 have you ever considered being a Beachbody coach? I think you would do great! It’s a good way to keep you accountable and rewarding to help others! Plus it’s always nice to have the extra cash for just bettering yourself 🙂

  2. Awesom job! Your beasting it man!

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