Ok, so I weighed myself a day early, 202.5.

This is depressing. I know I’ve had a few cheat meals in the past few weeks, but I don’t think that accounts for the gain. They certainly didn’t help, but if 3500 calories is a pound, then it still shouldn’t have gone up. Especially considering the running, rock climbing, and starting month 2 of insanity, I was expecting the scale to go down.

202.5 isn’t that bad as it has hardly moved in 15 days.

Possible reasons:
Muscle gain (not sure how much I buy into it being from that)
Too many calories (even with the Insanity diet).
Normal body fluctuations in a day (carrying food, water weight, and all that jazz)

I’m leaning more towards items 2 & 3. I really don’t think my body easily adjusted from the low cal diet that I was on prior to insanity. Could it still be recovering from that diet and holding on to food? Maybe… I’m starting to wonder if I’m experiencing a difference between the two diets. I’m not necessarily more energetic in my day. Eating more has always been great, but I just don’t know. I’m tempted to go back to the old ways for a day and see how I’m handling month 2.

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6 thoughts on “What?

  1. fatassguidetotheuniverse

    It could actually be the first one, insanity includes a lot of body weight resistance training, which your body may not be used to. So your body may just be recomposing the the weight. Yes you could just go back to the old low calorie method and you’ll see the numbers drop quickly however you shouldn’t want the numbers to drop quickly at this point, you don’t want to look like a deflated balloon, you want to look fit. Just trust in the process, you’re doing so great!

  2. I recommend taking your measurements. Notice the changes in your arms, legs, stomach, chest, etc. You’ll see differences that don’t always correlate with your actual weight. You’re doing great! Keep up the hard work!

    • That’s one thing I wish I would’ve done when I started. Not too late perhaps?

      • Never too late! You won’t know what the difference is now, but you’ll know next time! It really helps me with motivation when I don’t see enough of a budge on the scale to satisfy me. Especially with your work out regiment, it really helps to see that you’re doing more for yourself than just losing weight! 🙂

  3. I remember an episode of Dr Oz where someoone asked why when they had done a huge workout the day before, their weight went up the next day and not down. The answer was that your muscles actually experience slight swelling for a day or so and hold onto some fluid which should release in a day or so as the muscles repair. Surely Dr Oz couldn’t be wrong!

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