Something New

My life is starting to come back!

The past week has seen me seeing several movies. None of them were truly memorable, but I’m happy to be out and doing things with friends.

This morning, my good buddies Paul and Joel hosted a New Years Resolution health focused group. It’s kind of like our own Biggest Loser, but no one gets kicked off. I’m excited to be a part of this group as it adds a new level of accountability. Perhaps this and the social aspect of this endeavor will push me a bit further.

I was reminded that different scales give different readings today. This was first encountered when my old roommate brought his old scale. There was about a 3 pound difference in weight. Then, at the doctors, there was about. 6 pound difference. Today, the official scale had me at 207.6. My one at home read 202.5 just the day before. I’m still going to be using my scale, but will provide updates from this competition as time goes on.

My slight concern with the competition is that my weight loss has slowed to a crawl. The goal here is to be healthy and fit, but I’m still striving to drop the pounds. If only this started when I was first losing!

Today did inspire me to start a new change in my life. As of 6:00pm tonight, I no longer will purchase soda on my weekly grocery runs. Usually, I have three cans a day while at work and a few glasses (3-4) when I come home. It’s diet soda, but it is now gone. Incoming headaches! If I spend 10+ bucks a week on soda, then over the course of a year, that is 500 bucks saved. Yay?

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