Going Strong

Evening All!

I’ve lasted one whole day without diet soda so far. The craving is hitting me real hard right now. It would just be perfect to have something to hit the spot. But no, I will drink water until it is quenched. I haven’t experienced headaches yet, but I think that’ll change tomorrow.  I can do this 🙂

One more day of Insanity done. One day stronger. I honestly cannot wait till this is done. While this is what my body needs, it is not fun or enjoyable. It’s neat to see myself covered in sweat everyday, but…I just want my life back. When I say that, a yellow flag is raising in my head. When I say I want my life back, what do I mean? Being active and doing fun things is what I want in my life, but could I really do fun and active things every night or would it turn into a mandated routine like Insanity currently is? I don’t know, but I’m going to finish this….like a cheesecake. (Pitch Perfect line there for those playing at home).

I’m going to need something else to devote my time to, but I still don’t know what. The gym is a likely choice. There are tons of people and variety there. Rock climbing and water activities will come, but that can’t be an everyday thing.

What do you all do during the work week to stay active?

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2 thoughts on “Going Strong

  1. It’s all that fake sugar. I think of it like a drug detox. First few days are hard but after that you will feel loads better! Don’t give in to it.

  2. As a substitute for the pop maybe try green tea to go along with the water. I’m not a fan of it myself but there is a green citrus tea I like.

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