It finally happened! My first Insanity related injury.

Nothing major, just crunched my big toe. Sad part is that it happened when I was coming out of an exercise as opposed to within one. Still finished the workout and going strong. It’s still hurting today, but I don’t think that it’s broken.

I’m feeling perfectly fine from caffeine at the moment. I can go to sleep much easier and there are no more headaches. I still crave it from time to time, but that’s because it’s so good!

The body is adjusting back to the old diet nicely. I did go out to Applebee’s with a friend and did not make a good choice (chicken cheese penne). Delicious, but loaded with calories. Still under my daily budget and it is nice in moderation. Scale was back to 201 so I’m seeing progress in the right direction again. Go go weight loss!

I looked at my calendar and I have two more weeks of Insanity before it’s all over. Feel stronger and all that jazz, just not seeing much in terms of physical changes. Still worth it.

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3 thoughts on “Crunch

  1. Keep pushing man your doing an awesome job! Not everyone starts insanity let alone finish it! Rising above man!

    • Gotta keep pushing. Just wish I was getting more visible results. All in good time though :). Think my next trek is going to be the gym. Might use your knowledge to start me off 🙂

      • The hard work will always pay off ! And absolutely dude any questions or any way I can help do not hesitate to ask away!

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