What a nice weekend!

Sorry for the delay in writing everyone! I’ve been a bit busy with all of these activities.

I’m two days into the last week of Insanity. Having the end in sight certainly helps give me some motivation to complete the program. At the end of the day on Thursday, I will be done with this program. I’m definitely seeing results in my arms, but I still have a bit more chub to lose on my mid section before I can see muscles down there. With the end in sight, my next venture is always on my mind.

Instead of the gym, I’m going to purchase some home gym equipment so that I can work out at home with weights. I can do this while watching my shows and not fall behind in exercise. It’ll seem like I have my life back!

So, about this past weekend. My parents sent me some chocolate for the holiday. I did have about 1/3 of the box before making the decision that the costs outweighed the benefits. No more chocolates. Friday, after work, Tim and I went to see a movie and had dinner. Fair warning, this was not a good weekend for food. I had bruschetta, some guacamole, and half of a cookie/ice cream dessert. We watched Identity Thief and it was decent, but unlike I had expected. The movie just got a bit serious for its own good.

The next day was the gay rodeo. This year returned the rodeo to Laveen and I was excited for it to be close to my house. I grabbed Tim and Stephen and we all went after brunch. I behaved at brunch by having a grilled chicken pesto sandwich with a salad and muffin. The rodeo was awesome for me. There were so many neat people there! While I’m not a fan of some of the events, I still managed to have a great time. I even got called cute by a few people…score.




After the rodeo, my group headed for dinner. This was not pretty, but the chicken strips were super delicious. This is where I had a heart to heart with myself. When I am happy in life, I tend to forget what I’m putting into my body. It becomes a “why not” mentality that I’m sure we are all familiar with, my journey is not done and while I will occasionally enjoy myself, every bad choice just moves me further from my goals.

After dinner, the group headed to the local bar that is closely associated with the Rodeo. I had no idea that the bar would eventually become as packed as it did. It was great when we first arrived. The group watched the line dancers and I even got to meet a few of them! One guy offered to dance, but I didn’t know how (to dance..at all…any style), so I shied away even though he was really cute! I should have had some courage to ask him if he would show me how.

Met up with a buddy at the bar (saw him at the rodeo, too). Our little group of four talked and played around for hours. Even though the place was packed, I didn’t let my anxiety get the better of me. I was there with friends and loved every minute of it. My buddy even let me try on his cowboy hat! Good look for me?


This morning was the weight loss challenge groups first weigh in. I was nervous due to my eating frenzy this past weekend, but my number surprised me and I was still down about 3 pounds from the first time. Not celebrating too hard, but a victory is a victory!

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2 thoughts on “What a nice weekend!

  1. Aubre Rice

    I just started following your blog and it’s such an inspiration. This post was especially good, such a good reminder to me that each bad decision is taking me away from my goal. And it was so good to hear that someone else has a probelm with “happy life eating”. I do the same thing!! Your doing a great job!!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend – and you’re right: a victory is a victory! Nice job enjoying life and still pushing hard for your goals.

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