All’s Well That Ends Well

Yesterday started out a bit rough. The night before, I had Nelson over for our Sunday tradition of The Walking Dead and dinner. While we were out, my little joy of a monster, Leo, decided to munch on Nelson’s Mac power cord.

Thankfully, Nelson and I were able to find a refurbished one for only 60 bucks. The joys of owning a puppy! Having that over my head caused the day to be a bit stressful. Thankfully, my finances are in a good place and I could swing it!

This past weekend, at the bar, Tim briefly talked to a guy and I wasn’t paying attention at all. Turns out, this guy and I had been talking for quite a while online. We caught up online later that night and finally realized that we had indeed seen each other. Even called me cute!

We decided to do dinner in between the two of us and suggested this place called Islands. I love this place. Heavy on surf and beach culture. Reminded me of home. Sadly, he got there before me. Usually, I’m freakishly early for everything. He beat me at my own game!

The conversation flowed well enough. I loved his enthusiasm for his hobbies and life aspirations. It was infectious to see him become so excited while talking about his life. We stayed at the restaurant for about three hours. Just felt nice and not forced. He paid for dinner and I totally wasn’t expecting that. Felt a bit special.

Outside. We spent a few minutes looking at the stars and we saw Jupiter out by the moon. We recognized it due to handy sky map apps. Nerds. Walked him to his car and gave him a good long hug and a quick smooch. Hope he didn’t mind!

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