Back to Sanity

Hey all, insanity is over! Woo! Today was the last workout and I’m glad that it is done. So now, for pictures and ending weight.

As of ten minutes ago, I was 197 pounds. You’ll have to pardon my hair as it tends to get frazzled during workouts. I need a makeover!

I’m not quite satisfied with my results. I’m smaller yes, but part of me still feels like more of a deflated balloon. Before on the left. After on the right.





Hard for me to see a positive difference. I am faster now. I am lighter now. I am stronger now. But do I look better? I dunno.

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3 thoughts on “Back to Sanity

  1. fatassguidetotheuniverse

    Great work! I’m impressed with your dedication and results! So what’s next? May I suggest livefit trainer, it’s a free 12 week weight training and nutrition plan, you may like it!

  2. In the last pics you can see change in your stomach for sure. More muscles in your back too!

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