Today was the eight nine hour hike on the Superstition Ridgeline.

After getting up at four, Stephen and I hit up IHOP for some breakfast. I behaved and got something on the fresh fit menu. It was good, but I found myself hungry for more.

Then came the hour drive across the valley to drop of my car at the end zone of the hike. The mountain looked so small at the beginning..



After getting in Stephen’s car, we drove about 30 minutes to the other side of the mountain ridge. We were all smiles beforehand…


Pardon my crazy stalker face…

The hike started out well enough…and then we got to the base of the mountain. It got steep REAL quick! On top of that there was snow and ice from a recent storm. It was very slippery and a wrong move could send you down the mountain….or at least on your ass. I did my best Spider-Man impression and crawled up the steep slope while everyone else was in two legs. #dontjudgeme

At one point we came to a rock wall. There was no way in hell I was going up that. Not when I look behind me and see such a long way down and with ice on my feet. After a few failed attempts and watching others go up, I finally made it to the top of the wall. Note that this isn’t even close to the peak of the mountain. It was just a rock wall to get up near the Ridgeline.

The following photos look lovely, but they do not show the massive amounts of snow that we had to deal with. At some places it was over 4 inches. This was a particular problem because we were supposed to be looking for these small piles of rocks to indicate that we were on the right path. With all that snow, we never knew if we were good.

The scenes were beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Once we got to the Ridgeline, it was mostly smooth sailing.


joe1 joe2 joe3

We finally came to the part where it was time to come down….and down…and down. Apparently, we were over 5000 feet high. It was so scary being that high and walking next to a cliff that could easily kill you. After descending for hours, we finally hit the bottom. Our legs are battered and pricked by the local cacti. But no, the trail is not don’t yet. We spend another 30 minutes walking around and trying to orient ourselves to find the car. I was exhausted and almost about to shut down when we found the car.

9 hours… Over 11 miles of hiking up and down mountains… Exhausted… Sleep now.

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4 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. Must be nice to be able to hike in beautiful weather! I am jealous.

  2. This is awesome! Great job!

  3. aubregary

    Holy smokes! Nice job!!! My husband and I did the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim and that’s exactly how I felt…scary cliffs, wobbly legs. It’s great when it’s done though isn’t it? Good job!!!

  4. I love all your scenic photos. Makes me want to travel to the US sooner rather than later. I live across the road from a national park – I’m inspired to go for a walk and take some pictures šŸ™‚

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