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Rogue Runner Complete


More pics to come. Only a little bloody. This was after I changed.

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Race Day!

Today is the Rogue Runner Race! 10k with mud and obstacles! My group starts at 930. I’m more excited for this than I was for the half marathon! Muddy pictures to follow, I hope!

Never thought I’d be doing a run like this. One of the joys of weight loss is that you have a goal, but it always leads you in a strange and new direction. Even when I was just getting started running, this was one of those “I never think I would be able to do something like that” events. I may not be able to do every obstacle, but I’m going to give it my best. I still struggle with pull ups, but I am getting stronger from the pull up machine at school!

Oh, and there’s a new Doctor Who tonight. Today’s a good day!

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Am I Ready?

Hey everyone,
No I am not dead, just not inspired to write much as of recently. Maybe it is due to lack of sleep from the new puppy. I finally took him out of my bathroom at night and into my bed with me and Leo. I can now sleep at night, but he still can’t hold it all through the night. That’s life, I suppose.
I’m still hitting the gym for an hour or so every day after work. According to my trainer, my heart rate should be aiming for 180. I’ve never been able to get it that high on the elliptical. I would be lucky to push 140 even with a resistance of 20. The machine doesn’t even feel good at that level. It’s like walking through mud. I did experiment with a few of the different programs and found a heart rate zone workout. Unfortunately, it locks the manual settings and just increases the difficulty until it gets your heart rate to the target zone. To my surprise, it was able to push me to 160 and my calorie burn was greater than some of my hour long workouts. On top of it all, I was covered in sweat. I think I like this workout!
This weekend is the Rogue Run. It’s a 10k with approximately 24 obstacles along the course. Joel invited me out and we, along with a friend of his, will be tackling the course together. I hope I can keep up! Joel and I did a trail run at South Mountain and it quickly got the better of me. Running distances is fine, but running up a mountain….oh, my! I came so close to tossing my cookies. A few dry heaves later and we were able to run down. Running down was so much easier for me. I actually enjoyed jumping from rock to rock! I’ll be sure to take a picture or two as I can!
My diet has been a bit off since my parents visited. Still relatively controlled, but certainly not strict. To combat this, I went out and purchased a lot of fruit for the week. I’d forgotten how delicious an apple could be. Sadly, I did not see grapes at the store. Scott, the trainer, wants me to look into the paleo diet. My old roomie used to do this, and I thought that most of his food was totes gross. Too much meat, not enough bread. I know, I know…bread=bad, but I’m still weighing my options. Egg whites could work for me though. Lots of ways to make a nice omelet with peppers and onions. Hmmm…decisions decisions!

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Personal Training Day One

I’m slowly getting back in the swing of things! Today was the first real day with my personal trainer, Scott. The first thing we did was rowing. He had me go 600 meters as a warm up. No biggie, but it did a number on my arms.

We then moved to the weight and circuit training rooms. I’d always stayed away from these rooms. The people inside were big and buff and I had no clue about what I was doing. But, I just followed his lead and did what he asked that I do. He started with teaching me proper form for lifting. It felt awkward and I wasn’t used to bending in some of those ways. Hopefully, it gets easier and better with time. Luckily, at least the stretches seemed to be pulled straight from Insanity.

We did some more squats, lunges, and a few machine workouts before calling it a day…But not before one last exercise. Back by the rowing machines, he and my lay on this mat and lift my legs and arms in the air. A pair at a time, I lowered two of my limbs to the ground and back up. This really got to me and I was struggling toward the end. He was watching for areas of weakness. Turns out my core and right side are a bit weak. He took my back to his office and wage had my try this body fat machine. I don’t know how it worked, but it was just like holding onto a video game controller. He said it was mostly accurate with a 3-4% error rate. The result was 19.4%. He and I were really surprised at how low that number was. I would love to be around 10% or so.

More updates to come…but I’m glad to start this next chapter πŸ™‚

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Here we go again!

Parents are in town and things are going great!

I had been thinking about this for a while now, but I decided to add a new family member to my house.

Meet Connor (at least this is what I think I want to call him)

I don’t like that picture of me, but I can see the definition in my arm starting to show. He’s a shepherd mix and is a bit laid back for two months. I’ve already taught him to use the stairs and we are working on the doggy door. He can come in without assistance already. Smart pup.

Leo seems to get along okay with him. They play and play and play, but Leo’s also never shared food and living space before. Slowly, but surely, they’ll become good brothers πŸ™‚

Took the parents on a hike. They had to stop quite a bit, but they made it all the way to the hidden valley. It felt great to be able to show them something like that. Today, we were supposed to go to the renaissance festival, but my car has been cutting the power steering and it’s to the point where it off more often than on. It’s an electric power steering and there seems to be an issue with the motor. Lovely. Looks like we’re spending the day around the house.

Kinda works out with the new pup. The new animal stores at the mall have all been converted into no kill shelters. Connor was surrendered by his owner. Hope he has a happy future here with me.


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Surprising Myself

Today, I surprised myself.

Met a guy online in the past few days and he seems just a bit different than most. Intelligent, well mannered, educated, employed, and goal oriented. Cute, too. So, after chatting for a few days, it turns out he is looking to get more in shape, too. I suggest being work out buddies and he actually took me up on the offer and wanted to meet after work to work out. Surprise, he uses the same gym, but has never actually made use of his membership. He has just started talking with someone else in terms of dating, so that one seems like a no go, but it is wonderful to have such a good buddy.

He took a little bit of coaxing to come out and meet me when it was actually time to make it happen. Apparently, finding something to wear to the gym is a stressful experience. Like many people, myself included, the thought of how one looks often scares people away from working on themselves. Thankfully, he got over it and was only 30 minutes late.

In the meantime, I had my personal training consultation. My trainer is so young, but he seems to know what he’s talking about for the most part. I told him about this pinch in my shoulder when I had been running for an extended period of time and he immediately knew it was one of my arteries in my neck. I need to research that for accuracy, but it’s great to be able to throw him something and get an answer. The consultation only took 10 minutes and we are looking to start next week. More to come on that one!

As I sat in the lobby and waited for the new guy, I surprised myself by getting off the couch and getting active while I waited. I went to do some upper body weight lifting (curls, ab work, rowing, the fly machine). I started on the bike for about 10 minutes before deciding to go back down and sit down. After seeing that he was finally going to come out, I got back off the couch once more and started just walking laps around the outside track. No progress unless you’re actually moving, no?

He finally arrives on my third lap and walks a lap with me before suggesting we jog a lap. We start to take off and he can actually keep up with me. This guy is absolutely gorgeous, too. He’s taller than me (I’m 6 feet tall) and has a nice deep voice. We are about the same shape and size, but he seems to be more “in shape” than I am (toned). After a lap, I suggest we go inside. We head up to the elliptical and both hop on. I thought he would only last for 30 minutes, but we end up doing the whole hour while just chatting away. His heart rate was getting a bit high (180+) so he eventually slowed himself down. After the hour, we treated ourselves to a small pizza at Spinatos. Well earned, in my book! Β He ended up paying, too. Surprised me as I didn’t think it was a date, but maybe he was just being nice? Who knows, but we have plans for next Thursday after my parents leave town.

They get here tonight. I’m planning on taking them hiking, paddle boating, and to the Renn. Festival. Lots of physical activity to counteract the incoming increase of food. We also may be getting a playmate for Leo. Stay tuned!

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Why I love Phoenix

It is absolutely beautiful here in Phoenix! The high today will be in the 90s. I’ve missed these temperatures! My parents are coming into town this weekend from Virginia. I wonder how they will take this weather….hmmmm.

Yesterday was a neat day at the gym. I gave my arms a rest and focused on my abs and legs. I did the normal three sets of 10 at a level in which I would be close to exhaustion when done. There is no soreness this morning. Maybe multiple sets in the future? My arms however, are still just a bit sore. I think it’ll be a good day to work on my arms again.

I was so tempted to run last night, but I went to the elliptical. I thought I had been increasing the difficulty by lifting the little electronic lever, but it only changed the ramp height. The lever next to it was the one that changed the resistance. The very fit guy had his lever set to 20 at the max, so I followed suit for the workout. Wow! It was like walking through quicksand at points. It was so easy to get my heart rate up. I did that for an hour and burned 680 calories. Boom.

On my way home…my phone rang. It was my potential personal trainer at the gym. We will be doing a consultation tomorrow. Here’s hoping it will be amazing πŸ™‚

Another side note, I’ve registered for the Rogue Run on March 30. A good buddy of mine is doing it and invited me out. Awesome πŸ™‚ This is one of those races with obstacles. I’m going to love this.

Have a great day everyone!

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Yesterday was day two at the gym.

When I woke up yesterday, I wasn’t feeling very sore in my arms at all from the previous days workout. However, over the course of the day, the soreness slowly set in. I decided to give my arms another work out.

I kept all he machines set to 50. Side note: don’t forget to check the special weight dial that allows you to add up to 10 pounds on the weight. I may have been lifting 60. After wearing myself out, the pull up machine was calling to me again. I decided to try the second to easiest setting (103 lbs of assist). I was able to get through the first 10, but I was struggling at the end. I could no longer get my head above the bar. Taking a 39 second rest, I tried again. Only five this time. I figured my muscles had enough and went to the bikes for a 30 minute ride while watching the Big Bang Theory.

After the gym, I finally met my neighbors (a gay couple) for dinner. I was debating between a salad and a chicken pita. I wanted protein, so I chose the pita (shaved chicken, cucumbers, red onions, olives, tomatoes, some feta cheese, sprouts, and a yogurt dill dressing. It was pretty good and I’m surprised that I liked the olives.

Passed out pretty quickly after getting home. This morning, my arms are very, very, very sore. Kinda screaming at me. Think today may be running day for me!

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Loving it

Just got back from day one at the gym.

I took the advice of my friend, Nelson, and started out with some weight lifting bits. In the area with the elliptical machines, there are these stand alone and weight invaded machines. I started off with this an one, but it was a bit awkward and I couldn’t adjust the seat to sit comfortably, so I moved on to the next machine.

The next machine focused on arm curls and was much more my style. It was like a bicep curl, but I was pulling these two handles down into a straight arm position. I did my three reps of 10 and by the end, my arms were shaking along with my legs. This surprised me! I wasn’t expecting my legs to shake as I was working out my arms. Was I pushing to hard? After that exercise, I spotted my target for the day.

By the end of the year, I want to be able to do a pull up. Across the room was a pull up assist machine. I’d heard about the machine from others, but did not trust the concept. How could it life me up? A little nervous, I hopped on the machine on the highest assist setting. My face turned into this huge smith as I was able, with the help of the machine, to do my first pull up ever. Seeing my eyes rise above that bar was amazing for me. Even more so, I was surprised that I still had to put in work to raise myself. I did my set of 10 and was struggling towards the end. As I was completing the set, I looked over at my arms and saw my muscles at work. Damn! They do exist! And they looked good and sexy! I busted out another set of ten, but slower than the first time. The machine had taxed me. I gave it another five before I had to stop for the day. I can’t wait to keep going and use less assisted setting.

To round out the day, I did an hour on the elliptical. 475 calories gone!

I came home and had my salad with a trio of cuties oranges. To snack on, I had some mini rice cakes. Those things are delicious and surprisingly low in calories.

Till tomorrow!

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Day One

Hey Everyone!
I’ve been a little bit of everywhere the last week and a half. After Insanity and breaking 200, my plan was always to see if I could maintain my weight and still make good choices. What I’m finding is that I am still able to be relatively active. My body craves it, for the most part. Food is a bit of a harder issue. I’ve been learning to cook a bit. Not always the healthiest of things, but I am noticing that cooking for myself is going to be a bit more expensive than my past weight loss diet.
I’ve been surprisingly social in the past few weeks. Movies, bars, clubs, hiking, paddle boating, puppy play dates, video game nights, cooking, and much much more. It’s draining on me energy levels, but it feels good to have something to do. This past weekend was the renaissance fest in Arizona. Absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to take my parents next week when they are here to visit.
So, what’s the plan now? I’ve reactivated my school gym membership. Today is day one. I will be going every day after work. In addition, I am signing up for a personal trainer. One session every two weeks. This will give me some legitimate fitness goals and even some decent instruction. If I have a good experience, then I may even look into requirements to become one, but that’s a bit in the future.

Here we go!

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