Why I love Phoenix

It is absolutely beautiful here in Phoenix! The high today will be in the 90s. I’ve missed these temperatures! My parents are coming into town this weekend from Virginia. I wonder how they will take this weather….hmmmm.

Yesterday was a neat day at the gym. I gave my arms a rest and focused on my abs and legs. I did the normal three sets of 10 at a level in which I would be close to exhaustion when done. There is no soreness this morning. Maybe multiple sets in the future? My arms however, are still just a bit sore. I think it’ll be a good day to work on my arms again.

I was so tempted to run last night, but I went to the elliptical. I thought I had been increasing the difficulty by lifting the little electronic lever, but it only changed the ramp height. The lever next to it was the one that changed the resistance. The very fit guy had his lever set to 20 at the max, so I followed suit for the workout. Wow! It was like walking through quicksand at points. It was so easy to get my heart rate up. I did that for an hour and burned 680 calories. Boom.

On my way home…my phone rang. It was my potential personal trainer at the gym. We will be doing a consultation tomorrow. Here’s hoping it will be amazing 🙂

Another side note, I’ve registered for the Rogue Run on March 30. A good buddy of mine is doing it and invited me out. Awesome 🙂 This is one of those races with obstacles. I’m going to love this.

Have a great day everyone!

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One thought on “Why I love Phoenix

  1. Aubre Rice

    I’m from Tucson, so I know what you mean about the perfect temps. We are in Ohio now….not so perfect, but we do get seasons which is nice. I do enjoy your phx pics! Your doing a great job!! Keep it up!

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