Surprising Myself

Today, I surprised myself.

Met a guy online in the past few days and he seems just a bit different than most. Intelligent, well mannered, educated, employed, and goal oriented. Cute, too. So, after chatting for a few days, it turns out he is looking to get more in shape, too. I suggest being work out buddies and he actually took me up on the offer and wanted to meet after work to work out. Surprise, he uses the same gym, but has never actually made use of his membership. He has just started talking with someone else in terms of dating, so that one seems like a no go, but it is wonderful to have such a good buddy.

He took a little bit of coaxing to come out and meet me when it was actually time to make it happen. Apparently, finding something to wear to the gym is a stressful experience. Like many people, myself included, the thought of how one looks often scares people away from working on themselves. Thankfully, he got over it and was only 30 minutes late.

In the meantime, I had my personal training consultation. My trainer is so young, but he seems to know what he’s talking about for the most part. I told him about this pinch in my shoulder when I had been running for an extended period of time and he immediately knew it was one of my arteries in my neck. I need to research that for accuracy, but it’s great to be able to throw him something and get an answer. The consultation only took 10 minutes and we are looking to start next week. More to come on that one!

As I sat in the lobby and waited for the new guy, I surprised myself by getting off the couch and getting active while I waited. I went to do some upper body weight lifting (curls, ab work, rowing, the fly machine). I started on the bike for about 10 minutes before deciding to go back down and sit down. After seeing that he was finally going to come out, I got back off the couch once more and started just walking laps around the outside track. No progress unless you’re actually moving, no?

He finally arrives on my third lap and walks a lap with me before suggesting we jog a lap. We start to take off and he can actually keep up with me. This guy is absolutely gorgeous, too. He’s taller than me (I’m 6 feet tall) and has a nice deep voice. We are about the same shape and size, but he seems to be more “in shape” than I am (toned). After a lap, I suggest we go inside. We head up to the elliptical and both hop on. I thought he would only last for 30 minutes, but we end up doing the whole hour while just chatting away. His heart rate was getting a bit high (180+) so he eventually slowed himself down. After the hour, we treated ourselves to a small pizza at Spinatos. Well earned, in my book!  He ended up paying, too. Surprised me as I didn’t think it was a date, but maybe he was just being nice? Who knows, but we have plans for next Thursday after my parents leave town.

They get here tonight. I’m planning on taking them hiking, paddle boating, and to the Renn. Festival. Lots of physical activity to counteract the incoming increase of food. We also may be getting a playmate for Leo. Stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Surprising Myself

  1. Aubre Rice

    hmmmm, sounds like a date to me! 🙂

  2. Dave Hughes

    “He has just started talking with someone else in terms of dating, so that one seems like a no go, but it is wonderful to have such a good buddy.”

    Yeah, that’s the line Jeff used on me too. (He had just started dating someone else – it didn’t last.) It actually works out better in the long run; you can focus on just getting to know each other without the immediate pressures of dating and sex.

    And you can see how THAT turned out.

  3. awesomesauce!!

    like the sound of this!

    hmmm i also love tall guys. you must keep us posted on this gym guy 😉

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