Personal Training Day One

I’m slowly getting back in the swing of things! Today was the first real day with my personal trainer, Scott. The first thing we did was rowing. He had me go 600 meters as a warm up. No biggie, but it did a number on my arms.

We then moved to the weight and circuit training rooms. I’d always stayed away from these rooms. The people inside were big and buff and I had no clue about what I was doing. But, I just followed his lead and did what he asked that I do. He started with teaching me proper form for lifting. It felt awkward and I wasn’t used to bending in some of those ways. Hopefully, it gets easier and better with time. Luckily, at least the stretches seemed to be pulled straight from Insanity.

We did some more squats, lunges, and a few machine workouts before calling it a day…But not before one last exercise. Back by the rowing machines, he and my lay on this mat and lift my legs and arms in the air. A pair at a time, I lowered two of my limbs to the ground and back up. This really got to me and I was struggling toward the end. He was watching for areas of weakness. Turns out my core and right side are a bit weak. He took my back to his office and wage had my try this body fat machine. I don’t know how it worked, but it was just like holding onto a video game controller. He said it was mostly accurate with a 3-4% error rate. The result was 19.4%. He and I were really surprised at how low that number was. I would love to be around 10% or so.

More updates to come…but I’m glad to start this next chapter 🙂

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