Am I Ready?

Hey everyone,
No I am not dead, just not inspired to write much as of recently. Maybe it is due to lack of sleep from the new puppy. I finally took him out of my bathroom at night and into my bed with me and Leo. I can now sleep at night, but he still can’t hold it all through the night. That’s life, I suppose.
I’m still hitting the gym for an hour or so every day after work. According to my trainer, my heart rate should be aiming for 180. I’ve never been able to get it that high on the elliptical. I would be lucky to push 140 even with a resistance of 20. The machine doesn’t even feel good at that level. It’s like walking through mud. I did experiment with a few of the different programs and found a heart rate zone workout. Unfortunately, it locks the manual settings and just increases the difficulty until it gets your heart rate to the target zone. To my surprise, it was able to push me to 160 and my calorie burn was greater than some of my hour long workouts. On top of it all, I was covered in sweat. I think I like this workout!
This weekend is the Rogue Run. It’s a 10k with approximately 24 obstacles along the course. Joel invited me out and we, along with a friend of his, will be tackling the course together. I hope I can keep up! Joel and I did a trail run at South Mountain and it quickly got the better of me. Running distances is fine, but running up a mountain….oh, my! I came so close to tossing my cookies. A few dry heaves later and we were able to run down. Running down was so much easier for me. I actually enjoyed jumping from rock to rock! I’ll be sure to take a picture or two as I can!
My diet has been a bit off since my parents visited. Still relatively controlled, but certainly not strict. To combat this, I went out and purchased a lot of fruit for the week. I’d forgotten how delicious an apple could be. Sadly, I did not see grapes at the store. Scott, the trainer, wants me to look into the paleo diet. My old roomie used to do this, and I thought that most of his food was totes gross. Too much meat, not enough bread. I know, I know…bread=bad, but I’m still weighing my options. Egg whites could work for me though. Lots of ways to make a nice omelet with peppers and onions. Hmmm…decisions decisions!

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2 thoughts on “Am I Ready?

  1. Best of luck in the Rogue Race! Go BeastMode!

  2. We don’t really do a ton of meat in our house, and we stay mainly paleo. Our key is vegetables! Lots and lots of produce! Let me know if you have any questions on meal planning or food, I’d love to help out if I can.

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