10 Things

10 Things I’ve Noticed Since Losing Weight

Just some things that I’ve noticed since the weight has come off.

1) I still feel as if I am the bigger guy in my mind. When I see a hole to move through (in a crowd of people), I often still hesitate because I don’t think I’m small enough to fit.

2) I wanted my bigger sized clothes to look baggier on me. There’s a lot more room, to be sure, but I was expecting one of those moments where I bring up my old pants and am just amazed.

3) People treat me different. Guys have actual conversations with me at events that last more than 10 seconds. I’ve actually received a flirtatious wink/word in passing as well. I still never believe they intended to say it to me.

4) I no longer break plastic chairs by sitting in them, but am still afraid that I might.

5) I’m no longer the obvious choice in a tug-of-war competition to serve as the team anchor even though I still believe that I’ll be picked for it.

6) I’m not as fast, nimble, or strong as I thought I would be. Yes, I was carrying around a lot of weight, but it hasn’t made much of a difference.

7) I’m slowly becoming for extroverted as I gain self esteem. I want to be around people in my downtime.

8) Seat belts fasten super easy now and don’t feel like their cutting off circulation…or that my chest fat is spilling over the strap.

9) People can wrap their arms completely around me when they give me a hug. It’s a totally new feeling to be completely embraced. It feels nice.

10) One size fits most costumes will now likely fit me. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, but I’ve never been able to wear any of the really cool costumes that I see around. It’s time to get creative, but I’m no longer as physically “imposing” as I once was.

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3 thoughts on “10 Things

  1. Congratulations on what you have done!! I lost a lot of weight, but never did see it myself. Now I have gained a lot, still skinnier than before but I realise the difference! So once again I am trying to loose weight. Celebrate what you have done lady! Well done!! http://theskinnybitchproject.wordpress.com

  2. I love it Joe. I absolutely have found several of those to be true for me too, and surprising. After living with that much weight for so long, my mental image of myself is still “the fat guy”, and I’m finding it’s harder to shed that image than it was the pounds! I found myself just yesterday about to make a fat joke about myself before I realized that it doesn’t hold true anymore. I suspect that some of these things will still be pleasantly surprising for some time to come still.

    Great job as always – I really enjoy reading your updates!

    • Thanks Bob. Just goes to show that it really does need to be a mental transformation as well as dropping the pounds.

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