Going at it!

The mental health break was just what I needed. The movie ended up being GI Joe and it was good and mindless entertainment. As promised, no cheating with popcorn or snacks.

I got home and tried to take a nap, but I couldn’t. Leo and Connor were deciding that my attention should be spent on them.


They didn’t let up either. They woke me up by kisses at 430 and are both still in my lap right now. Cute, but not a comfy way of writing a blog.

Last night, I decided to go for a four mile run…just for fun. In the first five minutes, I was dreading it. It was a bit chilly (75 degrees and cloudy is chilly, okay?!). Once I rounded the corner for mile one, all of that just faded away. I was finding that I could control my speed a bit better. Even when I started tiring out, I found that I could still pick up the pace. The run reminded me of last summer’s runs when I would see lightning off in the distance and it would be super quiet outside. It felt wonderful. Letting my mind drift really helped push me along and stop thinking about how the run is going. Could the last few weeks be leading into a rejuvenation of running? Maybe.

When I got home, I started milling over whether or not I wanted to sign up for the FireFly run. It’s 50 bucks at this point and saving money is always good (I’m still credit card-debt free, woo!). But, then I remembered that I should be living life a bit. This is meant to be a fun time with friends that promotes a healthy lifestyle. So, I signed up and will be running this weekend. Pictures I hope will follow.

My arms are still quite a bit sore from Sunday’s workout. But, they’re to the point where I can work on them again. Today’s gym activities will be 30 minutes on the weight machines and 30 minutes on the elliptical.

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2 thoughts on “Going at it!

  1. the puppies are too cute. my fizz cat does the same thing ( sits on the laptop while i’m working on it) but she is too gorgeous to be cranky with for long 🙂

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