FireFly Run

Last nights run was something that was pretty neat.

When I first go there, there were only about 30 other people milling about. The DJ was desperately trying to get people involved and pumped up, but it is very hard to do with so few people. Just play your music, DJ, people will come when it is time…

I stationed myself by the pagoda to wait for Kim to show up with her group. I sat there for over an hour and just people watched. Some people were just so….colorful. There was even a person dressed up as a light bulb. Odd, but whatever works. When listening to the passers by, I noticed that several people were not here to run, but were going to walk the course. It made sense as several of those outfits are not conducive to running.


With about 15 minutes before the race was to start, Kim had not arrived. So, I lit up my glow sticks and put my phone in my arm band to time my race.

I found my place quite a bit behind the start line and just waited. Some of my glow sticks weren’t glowing so I tossed them out. While I was waiting, I heard my name get called from nearby. Kim had arrived! She introduced me to her friends (her one friend…wowza!) and we took a picture of us just as they were about to begin.



They departed to walk the course and I was on my own to do my running. Still waiting for that day when I find a runner buddy to do these events with! I’m taking applications….seriously! The crowd thinned out fairly quickly. It soon turned into only occasionally seeing a handful of people…often the same people. Every so often, someone would sprint by me. I thought that I was going slow, but I knew that I was pushing myself a bit. As always, the race is usually with yourself. I often need to remind myself that I am the only one that I need to race against.

I noticed this one kid (very young) when I first arrived. He was running with his father, but they separated once the run started. This kid was super fast! I found myself wishing I could run that fast. But, he always had to stop and walk a bit after the half-way point. Slowly, but surely, he fell off behind me. I wonder if he was doing the whole walk-run method of running. It is supposed to improve your overall time, but I wonder if it is really effective. Anyone have some experience with that?

As I approached the finish line, there was a runner beside me who offered some brief words of encouragement. I love this about the running community. It is about yourself, but they are some of the most supportive people in the world!  As per my typical fashion, I sprinted to the finish. I don’t know what happens during that last 30 seconds or so. But, all the fatigue just goes away and you have this sense of unlimited energy to just go for it. I want to be able to harness that for the earlier part of the run.

I checked the clock as I was passing through. 26:55. The thing was is that I didn’t start until about 30 seconds into the race due to the line. Could it be a new record? I can’t tell for sure. As I was walking and catching my breath for about a minute, I remembered that I left my timer on for my phone. I quickly turn it off.





I didn’t wait around after it was done for the party. My energy was gone, and so was I. I walked back to the car and took one last picture.



I love glow sticks!

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