My Day With Jillian

And I thought today was going to be just another day…

Nelson invited me out to brunch with Paul and Joel to start the day off. Nothing too out of the ordinary. I intended to make it a light meal and just go about my day from there. The plan was to stop off at Home Depot and get some rock for my house to start a new landscaping project. Sadly, this never happened. That’s what next weekend is for!

During brunch, Nelson asks if I want to go with him to see Jillian Michaels later that day. While I, of course, wanted to go, I’ve developed a bit of an antisocial condition where I hate leaving the pups at home when I could have otherwise been home to spend time with them. After a bit of persuasion, he convinced me to go see Jillian. After all, it was a free chance to see someone who has inspired me. At this point in my journey, I found that I was certainly lacking inspiration. I am/was half-heartedly going through the motions without much of a drive. While the blogging has kept up, it hasn’t been much about the weight loss in the past few weeks.

After doing some shopping for a new outfit (I’ve since decided that the preppy look just isn’t for me.  The clothes look nice enough, but it just doesn’t match my self concept. This isn’t a bad thing! It just means that I prefer a different style of clothes. I see myself more comfortable wearing things that you would wear on the beach instead of always looking a tad on the sophisticated side. I guess I don’t mind a little sloppy in my life?

We arrived at the theatre and took our seats. Not to our surprise, there were many people from the LGBT community in attendance. I felt right at home.

Jillian took the stage and it was a little surreal. She is exactly as I thought she would be in a live setting. A little abrasive, but able to tell it like it is. Her message was a three pronged approach to getting the most out of your goals and life. While the first two were fitness related, they could certainly be applied towards satisfaction in life in general. The first was about nutrition and weight loss. In short, she commented on something I’ve known for a long time. Calories in vs calories out. I still believe it really is that simple. She went on to discuss metabolic rate calculations and even food preferences (going for fruit with rinds or peels because they wont absorb as many pesticides). While discussing all of this, she would often bring up examples of people who had plateaued and they often did the same things that I did/ am doing. They stopped counting. They let things slide and just wondered why things weren’t working.

Her next part of the presentation was very brief and it talked about exercise. She favored fully body natural movements over that of a machine. Additionally, she accented the importance of heart rate and HIIT training.  Still nice to see  a refresher, but I think I’m doing okay in the exercise department for the most part. I actually don’t agree with her stance on machine workouts for target muscles. Yes, fully body movements are great and exercises are great, but muscles can certainly be targeted and developed.

The last part of her presentation was the one that hit home for me. It was almost straight out of a counselor’s handbook. Looking at our obstacles and even learning to get out of our own way for success. To stop comparing myself to others and to just go for my dreams….my happiness. So often, we stop because we don’t think we deserve it. But…we do. We really do deserve it. We tell ourselves these negative things about ourselves, but we always forget all of these amazing accomplishments to focus on these small setbacks. One quote really hit the nail on the head for me.

“If you don’t fail, you’re not trying hard enough.”

I’ve been so afraid of failing. Afraid of really just going for it and becoming who I know I can be. It’s time for me to take some charge of my life and really go for the things that I want in life.

I am good enough and I will do this.

So help the person, myself included, that tries to get in my way. This is my life and I’m not going to waste a second more of it wondering if I am good enough. Damn it, I am!

While no “new” knowledge was gained, I did leave feeling motivated. And…that’s just what I needed to re-ignite my fire.

So here’s the action plan.

Long Term Weight Loss Goal: 175 Pounds

Deadline: September 1st

Monthly Goals: May 15th- Return to Sub 200 pounds (currently residing at 211).

June 15th- 190

July 15th- 180

September 1st- 175.

Action Plan:

Return to Old Diet: Two Slim Fast (or Slim Fast Alternative-store brand) shakes (breakfast and lunch). Lean Cuisine for dinner. Two 100-200 calorie snacks.

5 days of exercise per week for at least one hour(one day off during the work week and one day off during the weekend).

Log All Food Intake, even if it is repetitive, into myfitnesspal.

One Blog Entry Per Day: Detail food, exercise, life, and emotions.

Why? Because I want to see myself happier. I want to show myself that I am worth it. I want to prove that even though I’ve already lost a lot, I can still keep it up after the bumps in the road.





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2 thoughts on “My Day With Jillian

  1. Firstly, I want to say I am SO JEALOUS you got to go to one of Jillian’s shows. I absolutely adore her but I live in Australia so no chance of me heading over to USA for a show. That would be too expensive, an expensive dream.

    Secondly, well done on recognising your downfalls and having the motivation to do something about it. You have to learn how to self-motivate yourself – convince yourself you must do your workouts and eat healthy – you know, that little argument that probably occurs in your head daily.

    Is your MFP diary public? What’s your username & I’ll add you?

    Keep it up

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