“I don’t hate my trainer.”

“I don’t hate my trainer.” Said no one ever.

An all around solid day for the diet. Still under my calorie limit for the day. Two shakes, two 100 calorie bags of pop chips. One Pasta diet meal. Some carrots and hummus. All in all, not bad.

Training was a little brutal today. Scott, my trainer had me work the arms today. The first bits were not bad at all. It was the last 20 minutes that did me in. He brought out this really heavy rope and looped it around a rail so that I could hold both ends. Then, I took turns shaking the rope and doing sit ups with a weighted ball. That part wasn’t the worst. The worse was doing 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off rope drills. I was totally exhausted at the end. I wonder how I will feel tomorrow….

Weight from this morning was 207.

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One thought on ““I don’t hate my trainer.”

  1. 0:20 on/0:10 off is the worst! It’s amazing how much that takes out of you!

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