Yesterday was my day off from the gym. It felt so good to be able to come home early and wrestle around with the pups. Still felt guilty for not going to the gym, but this is the deal that I’ve made with myself (one day of the work week is off).

This weekend, I have a work engagement on Saturday morning. Since I work close to the town lake, I am considering going kayaking for a few hours. This will be my first time in that type of boat. Should be fun 🙂

Starting to struggle a bit with the diet again. It is just too easy to cheat at times. I need to get back to that place where that initial hunger was a good thing because it meant that my body would use itself for energy. I just need to remind myself of that.

I think I’ll do a task that Jillian mentioned during her talk. Set an alarm on your phone for every hour of the waking day. When that alarm goes off, ask myself if I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing to achieve my goals. That should be helpful.

Alarm set.

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One thought on “Kayaking?

  1. Dieting is indeed a struggle. It takes loads of courage to avoiding cheating especially when it comes to foods you love. But just have the perseverance and you will succeed.

    Not to spam your post but I nominated you for an award since I have been following it for a while! Check my latest blog post.


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