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Complete week 8 of the Couch to 5K program.

Week 8:

5 minute warm up walk

28 minute run

5 minute cool down walk.

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Another week down for the running!

Turns out 25 minutes isn’t much more than 20 minutes. I’m still amazed at how well I’m doing. I’ve never been able to maintain this pace for more than 5 minutes (even through high school). I’m happy with the endurance that I’ve received in the past few weeks. Even as the temperature is rising, I’m pushing on through.

Turns out I have a fan in the apartment complex. I saw him a few weeks ago and he stopped his car to introduce himself to me. He said he sees me running all the time and to keep it up. I saw him again this week and he said I was a monster for going as long as I have. It feels great to get these random words of encouragement.

Also helping me is that I can complete one lap of the apartment complex in about 5 minutes. This helps me pace myself in 5 minute increment runs. I’m pretty sure I could do another lap or two. The remaining two weeks should fly by! With that in mind, it’s almost time to find myself a 5k to run. I’ll have to start looking.

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QUEST UPDATE: Captain’s Log

Not a bad day at all today! I wish more of my appointments would have shown up, but it was a fantastic day. I can’t wait for the weekend…huzzah for three day weekends!

I was completely behaved today with the diet.


Shake- 170 calories


Shake- 170 calories


Lean Cuisine Lasagna- 330 calories


One Pickle- 0-5 calories

One Bag of Popcorn: 100 Calories


The exercise went fantastically too!

Couch to 5K: 5 minute warm up walk, 25 minutes of running, 5 minutes of cool down walking.

Biggest Loser Game: 620+ calories for an hour’s worth of exercise!


All in all, a good day’s work!

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Complete Week 7 on the Couch to 5K program.

Each run this week includes a 5 minute warm up walk, 25 minutes of running, and a 5 minute cool down walk.

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One more week complete of the Couch to 5K program!

This week wasn’t nearly as difficult as the last one. Perhaps I’m actually building stamina? Who knows….

This week capped off with a 25 minute run with no walking breaks. Last week was a 20 minute run so the program is slowly increasing the time. This run was a bit different than the others. As it is still hot as blazes outside, I decided to bring along a bottle of water incase I could use some hydration along the way. This presents a problem. I usually hold my phone in one hand and keep the other hand free. I did not want both of my hands occupied, so I stuck the phone in my pocket and carried the bottle. Luckily, today’s run was straight through and I didn’t have to listen closely to hear the British lady telling me to slow down to a walk. The only down side was that I couldn’t hear the music as well as I could when my phone was in my hand.

I know…I know… they make earphones. But for some reason, earphones keep shorting out in my iPhone. I actually kinda like having the speaker keeps me entertained.  As for the water, I used my filtered water, but as the temperature warms up outside, even the cold knob gives me very warm water. However, water is water and it is what made this run possible.

Here’s to you, water!!


On to week 7! Wow…the program is almost done…

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I never believed it was possible, but I’ve just completed week five of the Couch to 5k program.

This week was different than the rest. Rather than having my runs interrupted by a recovery walk, it was just 20 minutes of running. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to run for 20 minutes straight in my life. However, I pulled through! I think it’s time I start looking at 5Ks that are coming up at the end of next month. Wow, I’m actually excited about running in one of these. How things change….

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It’s a rare thing, but you have a weekday off today! Make the most of it by completing at least three hours of physical activity.

-30 minute Running Program

-30 minutes of gym time

-60 minutes of walking

-60 minutes of fitness video game (Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout)


-2 Hours of Sun Bathing


+2 Commitment

+1 Fitness

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Steady as she goes! You’ve done okay with the running up until this point on the Couch to 5K program. With the start of week 5, make it through the end of the week and complete the 20 minute run on Run 3.


+1 Confidence

+2 Stamina

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