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So hard to resist.





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They’re not gonna get us…

So, we had a new staff member start at work today. This meant…bagels.


I’m happy to report that I resisted. Instead, I had my protein bar as the mid morning meal.

I want my transformation more than I want the bagel.

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Good night with good friends

Hey all!

Had a really great day today with some good friends. Tonight was off the diet plan (grilled chicken tacos (2), chips, and a few cookies). It happened and I will burn it off tomorrow with Insanity and walking the expo for the half-marathon. Watched Pitch Perfect with the gang and I still love it! Right now I feel a bit over-ful. It’s been a bit since my stomach has had a bigger meal like this as it is used to smaller and more frequent meals.

Back on the wagon.

It’s good to have a night like this every once and a while to remind yourself of some of the other important things in life such as close friends and memories. In the past, I’ve talked about an individual wanting to have their fitness above all else. I still believe that. I also believe that some of what fitness entails is moderation. This is something that I’m going to have to learn a bit more of as this journey continues. Having a good meal like this (and even dessert) like this is fine every once and a while. It just should not be the norm.



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Hardest Part of Saying No

Hello Readers,
Sometimes doing the right thing for your health and weight loss hurts people’s feelings. My parents sent me a wonderful care package for Christmas. In it was a tin of home-made cookies, brownies, and other yummy sweets. My mother and I used to make these during the holidays and I’ve come to realize that this is one of the ways my family shows affection..through food and time spent eating said food.
I had to tell her that I would be unable to eat the contents of the tin due to the diet program. I think I hurt her feelings, but it was the farthest thing from my intent. It warms my heart to think that she cared enough to spend the time to cook the pastries with me in her thoughts. I’m just at a point right now where I do not want to slip up. One cookie turns to four. It kind of snowballs on me when I give in sometimes.
I’m reminded an important lesson on this journey when I was looking for inspiration. On some form of television weight loss show (thinking Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition), it was mentioned that you have to put yourself and your weight loss at the forefront of everything to be successful. unfortunately, this even includes family and traditions.
Can I one day return to moderation and eating the occasional sweet? Perhaps, but today is not that day. I just wish I didn’t feel so crappy about it.

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