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Figuring it out

I’m slowly figuring this all out.

Yes, weight loss and fitness is about wants…and needs. But most of all, it is about balance.

Weight loss worked for me because I was isolated and had time to adjust to the new lifestyle. I remember reading in high school that it takes three weeks of repeating something for it to become habitual. I have myself that time and it worked out for me. I was able to keep it up past that because it was the new normal.

Now that I am nearing where I want to be, the weight just doesn’t come off as easy. This is partly motivation and partly nature. The same diet doesn’t produce the same results as when I was 360. So the primary issue for me is the motivation.

I’ve been stuck in the 200-210 area for the past month or so. I can tend to do really well during the week but then usually blow it all during the weekends. The sugar cookie massacre of this past weekend is a prime example. This is good and bad news for me.

The good news is that I know that I can still enjoy things without returning to a higher weight. I can’t go completely off the wagon, but I know that a few bad days here or there is not the end and I can control my weight fairly easily once I know what is happening

The bad news is that I’m not going anywhere while doing this. Yes, balance is good and is what we all need to learn, but that type of balance isn’t getting the results. I need more control to reach my goals.

Short term goal: Behave over the weekend with your diet.

Follow the plan: two shakes and a Lean Cuisine dinner. Allow two 100 calorie snacks.

I think some of this is about to get a little bit easier. My roommate is moving out next week. Removing temptation(most of the food in the house) will be good for me…even though I’ll miss the company!

Have a hiking outing tomorrow for my vacation day off of work. I may even go to the gym afterwards! 

Did the gym last night, too. 30 minutes of lifting and 30 minutes of cardio. For the lifting, I did the fly machine, rowing, lat pull, ab twist, and bicep curl. I put the weight up to 110 and after 3 sets of 10, dropped the weight by half and did another set of 10. Finally. I put the machine on the lowest setting and just repeated until I was spent. I wanted to go for the pull up bar, but there were people doing stretches right by it and I felt as if I would be intruding on their space.

I think I’m slowly figuring this whole gym thing out. Now if only I could figure myself out a bit, I would be golden!

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Had a guilt free chicken sandwich at Chili’s. Hour on elliptical.


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Letting it ride

Yesterday was another good day for the diet.

I almost feel like I’m starting this whole weight loss process over again. When doing calorie restriction, you get hungry…quickly. It takes a few weeks for your body and mind to get used to the lesser amount of food. The hunger really never goes away. Instead, you learn to view it differently. I know my body is using itself for fuel.

Instead of the hunger pangs, it begins to feel more like a fire. I use that feeling to motivate me. I know this sounds strange, but I kind of liken it to the Chronicles of Riddick. The Necromongers, in their transition to become themselves, eventually got to the point where they embraced the pain of the transition.

Today is a trial day for me. The Math department is having a dessert competition. Here is my entry:


A fruit pizza. Not the most healthy thing, but I’ve managed to resist it so far. I think I’m going to drop it off and get myself away from the area. No sweets for me today.

Today is also the last day of this trial cohort for this program that my committee has put together at work. We are celebrating at Chili’s. Again, I’ll have to avoid temptation. I’ll get a diet soda and enjoy my time with the coworkers. I have my dinner at home that will do me better than anything there. And…there’s always the gym after work!

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So, maybe the PhD won’t be happening after all. Since I’ve been gone for over a year, I need to reapply. Normally not a problem. When I go to reapply, it informs me that I need to redo my residency. Out of state tuition is not an option.

There goes that idea!

Handling it pretty well. Just going to the gym in a few hours to burn off some calories and frustrations.

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It’s one of them Mondays

Totes is a case of the Mondays. I have no idea why I am so absent minded on some days.

I was all packed and ready to go. Was happy to hit the gym today to try new levels of weights. As I pick up my gym bag to take it to work, I realize that it contains my shoes…and nothing else. So, it looks like tonight’s exercise will be a four mile run less I want to go to the gym in my birthday suit. So…the run it is!

This weekend was much needed! I essentially turned myself off and just let myself live for the weekend. The diet was strayed from, but somewhat intentionally. Please never forget to give yourself some mental, physical, and spiritual health days once and a while. You will thank yourself later on for them! Even managed to get some chores done around the house. Started laying some rock in be back yard. Doesn’t look too bad at all, but a long ways to go. Connor even had his first vet visit and we were in and out in 20 minutes. He’s all vaccinated. My pointe this weekend was to spend time with the pups. I think they really liked having me home all day. Last night was the first night that Connor slept through the whole night. Good boy.

I’ve been looking ahead toward summer and trying to plan some of my runs and what not. Phoenix time in the summer is generally not good for long distance runs. 5ks are pretty common in the mornings, so I’ll make the most of them as they come up.

I’m really, really, really starting to get the distance running bug again. Dunno if it’ll happen this winter or not, but we shall see!

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Evening Peoples!

Not too much to report today. Shake for breakfast. Subway salad with egg white and avocado (no dressing/cheese) for lunch, and a Guiltless Chicken Sandwhich with a side salad for dinner with a cup of enchilada soup. Had some Guac w/ chips for an appetizer, but I’m okay with that.

Exercise tonight was just a few miles of walking after dinner. A bit of an off night, but tonight was a date night (hence the Chili’s). We had planned to go paddleboating, but it was closed. So, we walked around. Good conversation. Good times. More in the future? Certainly open, but I’m not going to go all boy crazy anymore. Just going to do my own thing and let the cards fall where they may.

Turns out my back is starting to become sore from training yesterday. He said that’s what he was trying to work, and by golly, he sure did!

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Do not pass Go.

Yup, still sick. Mental state of sickness is better. Outta my mind and into my head.

Just came home, yesterday, after work. I did not go running and I did not go out to the bar with friends. I was just feeling icky. The last thing I wanted to do was give my body some decent rest. For dinner, I had a Lean Cuisine Fettuccini Alfredo. It has been a long time since I had one of these and it used to be a staple of my diet. The smell brought me back to those days in a good way. Gave me a little bit of energy

Here’s hoping I feel better enough for tomorrow night’s run.

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NyQuil is slowly taking effect.

It started yesterday when I was running. I noticed one of my nostrils stuffed up and my equilibrium was a bit off. When I woke up this morning, it still felt the same and I knew I was perhaps starting to come down with something. I’m doing okay right now and my sinuses are doing that weird thing where they shift from left to right blockage. Hope I feel better in the morning.

As I continue to work on building muscle, I still want to decrease my body fat percentage. While more tone, I just don’t know if the body fat is still decreasing, I think I may test in one of those body fat readers to keep track of that outside of my weight.

Going on a run tomorrow night. I’m wondering how far we’ll go. The fun part of finding a new running buddy is seeing how well you can keep pace with them. If you can push each other, even better!

I’ve been thinking of making a costume for the 5k. I’m not to creative with my hands, but I’d like to try something. Ideas for a firefly run?

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Going at it!

The mental health break was just what I needed. The movie ended up being GI Joe and it was good and mindless entertainment. As promised, no cheating with popcorn or snacks.

I got home and tried to take a nap, but I couldn’t. Leo and Connor were deciding that my attention should be spent on them.


They didn’t let up either. They woke me up by kisses at 430 and are both still in my lap right now. Cute, but not a comfy way of writing a blog.

Last night, I decided to go for a four mile run…just for fun. In the first five minutes, I was dreading it. It was a bit chilly (75 degrees and cloudy is chilly, okay?!). Once I rounded the corner for mile one, all of that just faded away. I was finding that I could control my speed a bit better. Even when I started tiring out, I found that I could still pick up the pace. The run reminded me of last summer’s runs when I would see lightning off in the distance and it would be super quiet outside. It felt wonderful. Letting my mind drift really helped push me along and stop thinking about how the run is going. Could the last few weeks be leading into a rejuvenation of running? Maybe.

When I got home, I started milling over whether or not I wanted to sign up for the FireFly run. It’s 50 bucks at this point and saving money is always good (I’m still credit card-debt free, woo!). But, then I remembered that I should be living life a bit. This is meant to be a fun time with friends that promotes a healthy lifestyle. So, I signed up and will be running this weekend. Pictures I hope will follow.

My arms are still quite a bit sore from Sunday’s workout. But, they’re to the point where I can work on them again. Today’s gym activities will be 30 minutes on the weight machines and 30 minutes on the elliptical.

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Finally Sore

I woke up this morning and my chest and arms are aching! It’s that good ache when you know you got a good work out. Scott certainly pushed me to my limit yesterday and it looks like I’ll be seeing those results.

He mentioned that I should be at the point where my weight maintains, but my body composition changes more than anything. Trust in the process.

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