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This morning saw yet another New Years Resolution crossed off the list.


This is absolutely huge for me. Never thought I would see this number on a scale. This was THE original goal for me and now it has happened. Not done yet, though. Still going to go for the 180 mark.

My Biggest Loser Group scale will still show me above 200, I believe. My scale has been with me since the beginning. That’s what today is for 🙂

Today’s a good day.

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Was reading a fellow bloggers post ( and something stood out to me. An opening quote about not counting down the days, but making the days count….

This is all about attitude. The past few weeks of insanity have been hell and I certainly haven’t enjoyed it. I’ve literally been counting down the days and the number of times left for each workout. I need an attitude change. I need to push these last few weeks and make this happen. Once it’s done, I’ll be proud of my work.

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Lacking Motivation

Am I lacking motivation? Maybe today is just a blah day. Maybe I’m just tired and need a nap. Maybe I’m feeling down because the scale isn’t budging much.

Came so close to giving in today and getting into that candy jar or the last cookie. Thankfully, I was able to tell myself that I would regret it later. Maybe this is a bigger issue in weight loss efforts. The ability to postpone gratification. We often see it in little kids. If you out a treat on a plate and say you can eat this now or if you wait ten minutes, you can have something even better. Most little kids will always take the now. Heck, most adults would, too!

The last thing I want to do today is work out due to my energy levels. I think a nap is just what the doctor ordered…that and a nice hot bath….followed by a workout.

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I’ve been reading this blog recently for inspiration:

Seeing this guy go on a similar journey is awesome. I remember going through a lot of this myself. The first time getting smaller sized shirts and pants is always nice. If you’re looking to get your start, I hope it helps!

Also, check out the YouTube video below. It kind of compresses his blog into video form. Love it!

In other news:
Stuck to the diet today. Just two shakes, a Lean Cuisine Rigatoni, and two bags of 100 calorie popcorn. I’m feeling as if I’m “burning” again. One day at a time and staying strong!

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Quest Update: Inspiration 2/10

I’m starting to find that inspiration comes from the past and reminds us of who we really are…

Today, my supervisor and I filmed and idea that I had when I first started working in Arizona. The idea was to make a “Choose Your Own Adventure” video that could be used in training new staff members. This idea isn’t new for me as I have always wanted to do this since my last degree program. However, this is the first time that I was able to make it a reality beyond a simple demo. Being able to be creative wasn’t what inspired me. It was what I was using….



It felt wonderful to be able to work with a camera again. In some ways, I think I get a bit sucked in when the camera is running. For a few moments, I can let people see what I see. If I find myself unable to use my words to express myself, I am able to find some comfort in being able to show them. With this camera in hand, I began to be inspired by looking back at my past projects. Even through late nights of editing video, I was always extremely happy to learn new ways of making things work with the camera. It was never a chore, it was a passion…

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Quest Update: Inspiration 1/10

Today’s Picture was taken a few months before I moved to Arizona. It comes from a time where I was very unsure about my life and my future. As I was walking downstairs from class, I spotted this piece of paper taped to the side of a desk. It almost seemed hidden.

Here is the picture.


This is what gave me the push to move forward and to pursue my dreams. Here’s hoping someone out there could use a similar message.

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Running low on inspiration?

Get active about it and take the pictures of 10 things that inspire you for life, love, and fitness.

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