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WTB Sleep!

Howdy interwebs!
Weekend was a bit if a blur, so I’ll try and make some sense of it this morning.

First things first: left the phone at home this morning. Feeling awkward without part of me is missing. Also a little panicked that if an emergency happens, I’m a bit screwed. My phone is also my wallet. Wallet has gym ID. Looks like tonight is a good night for Zumba or a run. I’m thinking Zumba because I still need to work on moving these hips. They’re in there somewhere!

Friday night:
My buddy Kim and I decided to tag along with Nelson to First Fridays. It’s kind of a huge art show each month in Phoenix. I was going to purchase something, but nothing truly looked “hand crafted.” I hate being ripped off. After walking around for a bit, we decide to head to a local gay bar.

I’d been to this one before, and it was as busy as always. Side note, it is odd seeing youtube video owners who you have followed for years in person. Almost like seeing a mini celebrity. Anywho…this one guy walks past me and I he was tall, older, and not really my type. A few moments later, this woman approaches me and said that guy was checking me out. She then reaches into her woven basket and proceeds to give me a rock with the word “truth” written on it with a link to a web page. She was trying to spread kindness. She then mentions that the guy that walked by was her friend and he had said that I was completely his type. So, I agree to meet him and it turns out they belong to a church and this rock was her final project. Only a little creepy, but a little sweet. He asks for my number, and I’m trying to make some new buddies, so I give it to him. Turns out he has a daughter, too. Interesting things happen at bars.

A few pictures from the night.



We head over to another bar and just hang out for a bit. I still wish I could dance/didn’t care what other people thought of me. Before the weight loss, I used to do everything possible to ensure that I would not draw attention to myself. Some of that still exists.

Actually had a date on Saturday. We met up to go see the Evil Dead. I LOVE horror movies, but still watch them from behind my hands. We meet up and the conversation is nice enough. It was still a bit early, so we walk around the mall a bit. This one store was a LoveSac store. Oh my! Those things were super comfy! I’m seriously considering getting one for my home. While sitting and chatting with the store clerk, she asks if we are on a date. Am I that obvious? Lol. The date responds that it is a date, so I suppose that’s positive points for me.

After the movie we head to Fez for lunch. The conversation went well enough. Just used those counseling listening skills to good use. He did comment that he felt like he did a lot of the talking though. I need to assert myself more then.

Later that night, I go out for Karaoke with another group of friends. The usual karaoke bar isn’t doing karaoke that night, so we switch to another that is. I still don’t sing on the mic, but it’s fun to sing along with everyone else.

Took Leo to the groomer. He had an 830 appointment and I didn’t get him back until 230. Very sad. He looks so cute now, tho. Saw Iron Man 3 with a buddy and then went home.


All in all, not the best weekend for the diet and weight loss, but a good weekend for me and enjoying life. It certainly bears staying in and playing video games.

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Kayaking Postponed

Heylo all!
The plan was to go kayaking at the town lake near work. That’s not going to work today, unfortunately. As it turns out, there is a salsa festival at the lake that is apparently expect to bring in 20,000 people. I’m not going to be able to get near that place today. There’s always to tomorrow.
So, what do I do today? I’m going to do some landscaping work. Each week, I get 10 bags of rock to cover some of the dirt in my back yard. It’s coming along, but I have some work to do. After that, I’ve been considering giving zumba a try. Lets be honest…I cannot dance for the life of me. I have no idea of my hips at all. People have tried with great effort and failed miserably. So, maybe this will help loosen me up a bit?
I’m starting to set my eyes on running again, but I’m wondering if there are any distance runs (1/2 marathons) in the local area this summer. It’s very hot here and as much I would like to travel to run, the pups kind of put a lid of those ideas. I need to find something local.
In other news, I got the final answer about the PhD program from the Registrar. I would certainly be considered an out of state student at this point. Unfortunately, that is the end of my time at ODU. On to different and better things? Perhaps I will look into new academic pursuits…

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It’s one of them Mondays

Totes is a case of the Mondays. I have no idea why I am so absent minded on some days.

I was all packed and ready to go. Was happy to hit the gym today to try new levels of weights. As I pick up my gym bag to take it to work, I realize that it contains my shoes…and nothing else. So, it looks like tonight’s exercise will be a four mile run less I want to go to the gym in my birthday suit. So…the run it is!

This weekend was much needed! I essentially turned myself off and just let myself live for the weekend. The diet was strayed from, but somewhat intentionally. Please never forget to give yourself some mental, physical, and spiritual health days once and a while. You will thank yourself later on for them! Even managed to get some chores done around the house. Started laying some rock in be back yard. Doesn’t look too bad at all, but a long ways to go. Connor even had his first vet visit and we were in and out in 20 minutes. He’s all vaccinated. My pointe this weekend was to spend time with the pups. I think they really liked having me home all day. Last night was the first night that Connor slept through the whole night. Good boy.

I’ve been looking ahead toward summer and trying to plan some of my runs and what not. Phoenix time in the summer is generally not good for long distance runs. 5ks are pretty common in the mornings, so I’ll make the most of them as they come up.

I’m really, really, really starting to get the distance running bug again. Dunno if it’ll happen this winter or not, but we shall see!

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Cough, hack, wheeze

Hey all,
As promised, here’s today’s entry.

The diet was okay. A shake for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, Tim, Nelson, and I went out to Chili’s. I chose the light chicken sandwich. Instead of broccoli, I subbed in for a side salad. Since I abhor broccoli, this was a decent choice. For one of my two snacks for my daily allotment, I ordered a cup of chicken enchilada soup. Everything logged into MFP adequately. I got home and had a 100 calorie bag of popcorn after my run.

Exercise: I made a bonehead move and forgot my gym shorts at home. So, I decided to work out from home and attempt to best my previous mile best. I did it! The previous time was 7:53. The new time.



I still think I could do it faster. Towards the end of the run, there were no lights on the road and I was running in this unpaved and bushy lot. I slowed down a bit so that I wouldn’t trip and injure myself. It sure did feel good to see that time though. Even though I haven’t been actively working on my running, I am still moving forward. Now, I’m having trouble trying to catch my breath. Still very short after that run. Still a little congested and sick, too.

Emotions: I was feeling okay for the most part today. Toward the end of the day, my hunger and caffeine withdrawal started to kick in. Thankfully, dinner remedied both. I remember welcoming the hunger because it meant that my body was going to use itself for energy. Thinking I need to get back to that point.

When I was with Nelson and Tim, they decided to make a trip to this handmade ice cream sandwich shop. I went, but did not order. They smelled delicious though. But, I had my eye on a bigger treat for today.

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FireFly Run

Last nights run was something that was pretty neat.

When I first go there, there were only about 30 other people milling about. The DJ was desperately trying to get people involved and pumped up, but it is very hard to do with so few people. Just play your music, DJ, people will come when it is time…

I stationed myself by the pagoda to wait for Kim to show up with her group. I sat there for over an hour and just people watched. Some people were just so….colorful. There was even a person dressed up as a light bulb. Odd, but whatever works. When listening to the passers by, I noticed that several people were not here to run, but were going to walk the course. It made sense as several of those outfits are not conducive to running.


With about 15 minutes before the race was to start, Kim had not arrived. So, I lit up my glow sticks and put my phone in my arm band to time my race.

I found my place quite a bit behind the start line and just waited. Some of my glow sticks weren’t glowing so I tossed them out. While I was waiting, I heard my name get called from nearby. Kim had arrived! She introduced me to her friends (her one friend…wowza!) and we took a picture of us just as they were about to begin.



They departed to walk the course and I was on my own to do my running. Still waiting for that day when I find a runner buddy to do these events with! I’m taking applications….seriously! The crowd thinned out fairly quickly. It soon turned into only occasionally seeing a handful of people…often the same people. Every so often, someone would sprint by me. I thought that I was going slow, but I knew that I was pushing myself a bit. As always, the race is usually with yourself. I often need to remind myself that I am the only one that I need to race against.

I noticed this one kid (very young) when I first arrived. He was running with his father, but they separated once the run started. This kid was super fast! I found myself wishing I could run that fast. But, he always had to stop and walk a bit after the half-way point. Slowly, but surely, he fell off behind me. I wonder if he was doing the whole walk-run method of running. It is supposed to improve your overall time, but I wonder if it is really effective. Anyone have some experience with that?

As I approached the finish line, there was a runner beside me who offered some brief words of encouragement. I love this about the running community. It is about yourself, but they are some of the most supportive people in the world!  As per my typical fashion, I sprinted to the finish. I don’t know what happens during that last 30 seconds or so. But, all the fatigue just goes away and you have this sense of unlimited energy to just go for it. I want to be able to harness that for the earlier part of the run.

I checked the clock as I was passing through. 26:55. The thing was is that I didn’t start until about 30 seconds into the race due to the line. Could it be a new record? I can’t tell for sure. As I was walking and catching my breath for about a minute, I remembered that I left my timer on for my phone. I quickly turn it off.





I didn’t wait around after it was done for the party. My energy was gone, and so was I. I walked back to the car and took one last picture.



I love glow sticks!

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Another weekend, another race

Here’s to the start of an amazing day!

At work for the morning to host an orientation. Always a fun day to see the incoming students. I still have vivid memories of my orientation and I kind of wish my current school would adopt an overnight model of orientation.

After orientation, my buddy Kim and I are off to see the Host. I do love me some sci-fi alien love stories! Here’s hoping it is a decent way to spend a few hours. After parting ways with Kim, we will meet again for the Firefly race tonight.

Unfortunately, this one will not be timed. I would have to pay an extra five bucks in top of the 54 I already paid to run in this one. So, I’ll just use my phone to track myself. It won’t be accurate, but it’s better than paying! There’s a bit of a party afterwards, but I’m unsure of how big it’ll be. The video makes it seem like this huge event, but I’ve been mislead before. Pictures to come.

I wish I would have known about these fun races sooner. I really get a good vibe from the energy at those events. Speaking of fun races, I got an email yesterday from the Splash Mob 5k for this year. This was my second 5k ever and I can’t wait to do it again. It’ll be at an actual water park this year so maybe I’ll actually get wet. I managed to dodge the water balloons last year 🙂

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Do not pass Go.

Yup, still sick. Mental state of sickness is better. Outta my mind and into my head.

Just came home, yesterday, after work. I did not go running and I did not go out to the bar with friends. I was just feeling icky. The last thing I wanted to do was give my body some decent rest. For dinner, I had a Lean Cuisine Fettuccini Alfredo. It has been a long time since I had one of these and it used to be a staple of my diet. The smell brought me back to those days in a good way. Gave me a little bit of energy

Here’s hoping I feel better enough for tomorrow night’s run.

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NyQuil is slowly taking effect.

It started yesterday when I was running. I noticed one of my nostrils stuffed up and my equilibrium was a bit off. When I woke up this morning, it still felt the same and I knew I was perhaps starting to come down with something. I’m doing okay right now and my sinuses are doing that weird thing where they shift from left to right blockage. Hope I feel better in the morning.

As I continue to work on building muscle, I still want to decrease my body fat percentage. While more tone, I just don’t know if the body fat is still decreasing, I think I may test in one of those body fat readers to keep track of that outside of my weight.

Going on a run tomorrow night. I’m wondering how far we’ll go. The fun part of finding a new running buddy is seeing how well you can keep pace with them. If you can push each other, even better!

I’ve been thinking of making a costume for the 5k. I’m not to creative with my hands, but I’d like to try something. Ideas for a firefly run?

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Going at it!

The mental health break was just what I needed. The movie ended up being GI Joe and it was good and mindless entertainment. As promised, no cheating with popcorn or snacks.

I got home and tried to take a nap, but I couldn’t. Leo and Connor were deciding that my attention should be spent on them.


They didn’t let up either. They woke me up by kisses at 430 and are both still in my lap right now. Cute, but not a comfy way of writing a blog.

Last night, I decided to go for a four mile run…just for fun. In the first five minutes, I was dreading it. It was a bit chilly (75 degrees and cloudy is chilly, okay?!). Once I rounded the corner for mile one, all of that just faded away. I was finding that I could control my speed a bit better. Even when I started tiring out, I found that I could still pick up the pace. The run reminded me of last summer’s runs when I would see lightning off in the distance and it would be super quiet outside. It felt wonderful. Letting my mind drift really helped push me along and stop thinking about how the run is going. Could the last few weeks be leading into a rejuvenation of running? Maybe.

When I got home, I started milling over whether or not I wanted to sign up for the FireFly run. It’s 50 bucks at this point and saving money is always good (I’m still credit card-debt free, woo!). But, then I remembered that I should be living life a bit. This is meant to be a fun time with friends that promotes a healthy lifestyle. So, I signed up and will be running this weekend. Pictures I hope will follow.

My arms are still quite a bit sore from Sunday’s workout. But, they’re to the point where I can work on them again. Today’s gym activities will be 30 minutes on the weight machines and 30 minutes on the elliptical.

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Firefly Run

So, my friend found this FireFly 5K/10k happening on Saturday night. A glow in the dark 5k. Do I want to do it? Do I want the 5k or 10k?

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