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Figuring it out

I’m slowly figuring this all out.

Yes, weight loss and fitness is about wants…and needs. But most of all, it is about balance.

Weight loss worked for me because I was isolated and had time to adjust to the new lifestyle. I remember reading in high school that it takes three weeks of repeating something for it to become habitual. I have myself that time and it worked out for me. I was able to keep it up past that because it was the new normal.

Now that I am nearing where I want to be, the weight just doesn’t come off as easy. This is partly motivation and partly nature. The same diet doesn’t produce the same results as when I was 360. So the primary issue for me is the motivation.

I’ve been stuck in the 200-210 area for the past month or so. I can tend to do really well during the week but then usually blow it all during the weekends. The sugar cookie massacre of this past weekend is a prime example. This is good and bad news for me.

The good news is that I know that I can still enjoy things without returning to a higher weight. I can’t go completely off the wagon, but I know that a few bad days here or there is not the end and I can control my weight fairly easily once I know what is happening

The bad news is that I’m not going anywhere while doing this. Yes, balance is good and is what we all need to learn, but that type of balance isn’t getting the results. I need more control to reach my goals.

Short term goal: Behave over the weekend with your diet.

Follow the plan: two shakes and a Lean Cuisine dinner. Allow two 100 calorie snacks.

I think some of this is about to get a little bit easier. My roommate is moving out next week. Removing temptation(most of the food in the house) will be good for me…even though I’ll miss the company!

Have a hiking outing tomorrow for my vacation day off of work. I may even go to the gym afterwards! 

Did the gym last night, too. 30 minutes of lifting and 30 minutes of cardio. For the lifting, I did the fly machine, rowing, lat pull, ab twist, and bicep curl. I put the weight up to 110 and after 3 sets of 10, dropped the weight by half and did another set of 10. Finally. I put the machine on the lowest setting and just repeated until I was spent. I wanted to go for the pull up bar, but there were people doing stretches right by it and I felt as if I would be intruding on their space.

I think I’m slowly figuring this whole gym thing out. Now if only I could figure myself out a bit, I would be golden!

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Morning everyone,
It’s been a rough week with some odd occurrences with my weight. This past Sunday was the end of the weight loss competition that my friends hosted. Each weigh in was a slight drop for me. Except for the last weigh in.
I always weight myself before I go in to prepare myself for what’s to come. My scale NEVER matches their scale and theirs always happened to be 4 pounds lighter on the average. This time, the result was identical and shocking. 211.

What. The. Heck.

I never wanted to be there again. But, here I am, so I’m back on a strict diet to bring myself back down. To be honest, my diet has been crap the past few weeks, but not as worse as when my parents visited a few weeks back. Stress has certainly got to me and I eat for comfort. With the new pup terrorizing me and keeping me up at night…and the drama with my all took its toll on me. Even after the weight loss, that’s still the issue that needs to be addressed. I need to develop better coping mechanisms for stress.
An obvious way is to go work out. The funny thing is, I’ve been going to the gym every day after work. I’ve gone running, running in the mountains, and even completed the mud run last week. My physical fitness is improving. My muscles (particularly my arms) are becoming more visible. Is some of the gain muscle mass, yes. But not all of it. My choices resulted in that number on the scale. The weight loss group did before and after pictures and I definitely think I look “better” in the after pictures due to muscle tone and body composition. I’m holding myself accountable here, but I’m not going to beat myself up. It does nothing but delay further progress.

This Saturday is another 5k. This time, it’s part of Phoenix Pride. I’m excited to do this one and I’m even more excited to go to Pride again. Always love seeing all the people.

But, back on topic… I don’t think working out is a way for me to reduce my stress. Where I see myself lacking right now is with my social relationships. While I’m fairly open with my friends, I rarely ever make myself emotionally known to my friends. I can’t really think of many times a friend has seen me to the point of crying. Always thought that friends are for sharing my good times, but not my struggles and stresses. So, I’m going to slowly work in changing that.

I’ve been giving some serious thought to completing my PhD program. Seeing so many of my friends complete it has inspired me. But, that’s also opening the door to a lot of stress that would potentially not be good for me. Do I want the PhD for the right reason? I don’t think so.

I just feel stuck.

Keep eating better. Keep going to the gym. Keep being active in your spare time. It’ll be worth it.

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Yesterday was day two at the gym.

When I woke up yesterday, I wasn’t feeling very sore in my arms at all from the previous days workout. However, over the course of the day, the soreness slowly set in. I decided to give my arms another work out.

I kept all he machines set to 50. Side note: don’t forget to check the special weight dial that allows you to add up to 10 pounds on the weight. I may have been lifting 60. After wearing myself out, the pull up machine was calling to me again. I decided to try the second to easiest setting (103 lbs of assist). I was able to get through the first 10, but I was struggling at the end. I could no longer get my head above the bar. Taking a 39 second rest, I tried again. Only five this time. I figured my muscles had enough and went to the bikes for a 30 minute ride while watching the Big Bang Theory.

After the gym, I finally met my neighbors (a gay couple) for dinner. I was debating between a salad and a chicken pita. I wanted protein, so I chose the pita (shaved chicken, cucumbers, red onions, olives, tomatoes, some feta cheese, sprouts, and a yogurt dill dressing. It was pretty good and I’m surprised that I liked the olives.

Passed out pretty quickly after getting home. This morning, my arms are very, very, very sore. Kinda screaming at me. Think today may be running day for me!

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Loving it

Just got back from day one at the gym.

I took the advice of my friend, Nelson, and started out with some weight lifting bits. In the area with the elliptical machines, there are these stand alone and weight invaded machines. I started off with this an one, but it was a bit awkward and I couldn’t adjust the seat to sit comfortably, so I moved on to the next machine.

The next machine focused on arm curls and was much more my style. It was like a bicep curl, but I was pulling these two handles down into a straight arm position. I did my three reps of 10 and by the end, my arms were shaking along with my legs. This surprised me! I wasn’t expecting my legs to shake as I was working out my arms. Was I pushing to hard? After that exercise, I spotted my target for the day.

By the end of the year, I want to be able to do a pull up. Across the room was a pull up assist machine. I’d heard about the machine from others, but did not trust the concept. How could it life me up? A little nervous, I hopped on the machine on the highest assist setting. My face turned into this huge smith as I was able, with the help of the machine, to do my first pull up ever. Seeing my eyes rise above that bar was amazing for me. Even more so, I was surprised that I still had to put in work to raise myself. I did my set of 10 and was struggling towards the end. As I was completing the set, I looked over at my arms and saw my muscles at work. Damn! They do exist! And they looked good and sexy! I busted out another set of ten, but slower than the first time. The machine had taxed me. I gave it another five before I had to stop for the day. I can’t wait to keep going and use less assisted setting.

To round out the day, I did an hour on the elliptical. 475 calories gone!

I came home and had my salad with a trio of cuties oranges. To snack on, I had some mini rice cakes. Those things are delicious and surprisingly low in calories.

Till tomorrow!

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Day One

Hey Everyone!
I’ve been a little bit of everywhere the last week and a half. After Insanity and breaking 200, my plan was always to see if I could maintain my weight and still make good choices. What I’m finding is that I am still able to be relatively active. My body craves it, for the most part. Food is a bit of a harder issue. I’ve been learning to cook a bit. Not always the healthiest of things, but I am noticing that cooking for myself is going to be a bit more expensive than my past weight loss diet.
I’ve been surprisingly social in the past few weeks. Movies, bars, clubs, hiking, paddle boating, puppy play dates, video game nights, cooking, and much much more. It’s draining on me energy levels, but it feels good to have something to do. This past weekend was the renaissance fest in Arizona. Absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to take my parents next week when they are here to visit.
So, what’s the plan now? I’ve reactivated my school gym membership. Today is day one. I will be going every day after work. In addition, I am signing up for a personal trainer. One session every two weeks. This will give me some legitimate fitness goals and even some decent instruction. If I have a good experience, then I may even look into requirements to become one, but that’s a bit in the future.

Here we go!

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