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Weekends are much too short

Today feels like it should be another day for the weekend! Having orientations on Saturday is super fun, but it still takes away time from normal activities. I am slowly working on adding rock to my backyard still and put out about 10 bags per week.i have the side of the house done and now it’s on to the other side. It’ll take some time, but will be worth it, I hope!

Nelson eventually was free to hang out on Saturday night and we managed to convince Josh to go out with us to a bar. I assumed my natural role as DD. Usually, I prefer this role because I know that I’ll be safe and can make sure my friends are safe too. And there’s always the calories, too. Our first stop was Apollo’s for karaoke. A little slow at first and I never take the stage (but sing along well enough). The bartender came over and gave me a diet soda because he knew I was the DD.

Then…we made it over to bar one and were confronted by some boys in heels. They proceeded to tell us that we needed heels in order to go in, but later said that they were joking. As we enter the bar, they were telling the truth. It was a heels party and all the guys were wearing them. Don’t think I’ve ever worn heels and don’t think I have the coordination to pull it off. Some of the guys here didn’t seem to have a problem moving around though. We took our perch outside and Nelson made friends with a dude who was initially wearing a spartan outfit. Yea, it was strange.

Along with buying the rock on Saturday,, I also stopped off at Best Buy to purchase this Zumba video game. I put off playing it until I could be alone in the house. Being easily embarrassed and not knowing how to dance is a bad combo. The game had a tutorial in which is showed basic steps, but it was just so awkward that I skipped most of it. I found a 20 minute class and started it up.

Immediately, the dancers were going all over the place and I wasn’t able to keep up. No way that they showed all of those moves in the tutorial. All I could do was flail around my living room while occasionally making sense of some of the movies. But, I noticed that I was smiling and sweating during it all. Perhaps this is the start of another arrow in my fitness quiver? Perhaps. I did really like the Bollywood style dances. If only I could feel comfortable using my hips a bit more. In time, Joe, in time.

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